Above is the cover of the new 2015 Edition. Due to the tremendous changes in the politics of the Nation since 2002,  I have updated the contents to reflect the 
"STATE OF THE NATION" since 2002.

Copyright  2013, 2015 by 
James B. Plair, Sr.l
All Rights Reserved
ISBN 978-68118-6
1st printed in the 
United States in202

Tate Publishing & Enterprising, LLC
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 This new edition is entitled:

With an Analysis of the Issues Confronting Us in the 21st Century." 

 There are minor changes in PART I, which is the actual study of the Constitution, which were made to clarify where needed. Substantial changes have been made in PART II with new Chapters to address the troubling issues that have taken place since 2002. There are a total of thirty chapter in this revision. I do not consider the material as "political", but reflecting what the Founder's wrote in 1787. Unfortunately, over the past hundred years or more their "words" have been redefined to suit the purposes of politicians, judges, academia, and liberals. This is why the Federalist Papers are so important in understanding the Constitution in the 21st Century. Below you will find a "CLICK HERE" to bring up the Table of Contents so yo may see the subjects of each chapter. See Price Lsr below.
As you can see from the Table of Contents, Part One is the "study"section. It is designed somewhat like a textbook. For example Chapter 2 will enable you to study the seven Articles of the Constitution section by section as well as clause by clause.  This way you can absorb the material at your own speed. Section 1 of Article I contains one clause, whereas section 2 has five clauses. I use the term "clauses" to designate each paragraph under that section. This breaks up each section in smaller pieces, which I believe helps you to understand the entire section better.Within each clause you will find an explanation from that essay from The Federalist Papers (TFP) that speaks to that section or clause. Quotes by other Founders than Hamilton, Madison and Jay (authors of TFP), as well as others throughout Part One and Two. Part Two is composed of twenty chapters designed to look at such political issues that exist in 2012-2013 through the "eyes" of the Constitution. These issues range from Taxation, Education, Welfare, Immigration and other 21st Century policies at the federal level. Bottom line: what policies, laws and regulations of the federal government are within the powers granted by the 1987 Constitution, and those powers which are granted to the States and the people as guaranteed by Amendment X of he Bill of Rights. This creates a most interesting discussion because since the beginning of he 20th Century certain "factions" within the United States, mostly legally elected representatives by "We the People", which has attempted to convert the Rule of Law (Te Constitution) into a Rule of Men (a Living Document). This is the purpose of this book - to seek to encourage as many Americans as possible to understand that the 1787 Constitution was and still is the Rule of Law and of the Republic.  Also, to the left you can download the INTRODUCTION PAGE.
     In anticipation of the new version of my book by Tate Publishing LLC, I have removed temporarily all e-book copies of the manuscript. As soon as I know the publishing date I will post it here. The book will be available in almost every book store in the United States, and may be purchased at your local book store after the publishing date.
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